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About us

Passion For Hunting And A Taste For Perfection


Years of dedicated research and development led by a team of experienced hunters have culminated in the design of shooting sticks that provide accurate long-range shots while respecting hunting ethics.
4 Stable Sticks® has crafted a line of shooting sticks designed for both stalking and driven hunting delivering qualities such as:
  • Remarkable lighweight construction combined with exceptional durability.
  • Substantial minimization of pre-shot movement.
  • Outstanding firearm stability during the crucial moment of shooting.
All these elements enhance the hunting experience and elevate your performance in the field.
Today 4 Stable Sticks® stands as an integral part of the hunting landscape.
The shooting sticks have proven their effectiveness and have propelled 4 Stable Sticks® to the top of the most creative and innovative hunting brands within the industry.
4 Stable Sticks® remains unrivaled as the standard for shooting sticks, enjoying unwavering endorsement from the hunting community for its groundbreaking contributions.

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